Yara Ghana

Yara Ghana was established in 2007 to strengthen the quality and depth of input supply and related services along agricultural value chains to increase the productivity of Ghanaian farmers.

History of Yara Ghana Limited

Yara Ghana was established in 2007 to strengthen the quality and depth of input supply and related services, along agricultural value chains to increase the productivity of Ghanaian farmers.

Yara Ghana has been importing and supplying high quality products for the cereal farmers as well as for the cocoa sector. Yara Ghana has grown to become the market leader in fertilizers in Ghana.

Over these relatively few years, Yara Ghana has carved a name for itself as the leading supplier of premium fertilizer products placing the farmer at the centre of a consistent knowledge based approach, as we aim at being the farmer's crop nutrition partner, in order to improve their yields and quality.

Yara Ghana has also been offering technical support for farmers on its Yara Crop Nutrition Concept, focusing on crop knowledge, portfolio combinations and application competence, in order to help Ghanaian farmers optimize profitability in a sustainable manner.

Starting with a minimal staff strength of about five in the beginning, Yara Ghana has grown to an approximate staff compliment of 40 with locations in Tamale, Tema and Accra.

Yara Ghana has over ten sales agronomists covering the different zones in the country supporting our strong sales and distributorship network while providing agricultural extension support for farmers in respective catchment areas based on our Crop Nutrition Approach.

Yara Ghana is committed to being the leading provider of sustainable crop nutrition solutions, supporting farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity while minimizing the impact on the environment.


Yara has also over the years collaborated with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana Cocoa Board, Farmer groups, and other agricultural related bodies to promote the agricultural sector in Ghana.

Yara Ghana has since 2008 consistently sponsored the National Farmers Day celebrations held every December to honour and award deserving farmers who have excelled in various fields in the course of the year.

Research and Development

Yara Ghana Ltd. Has since the beginning collaborated with local research Institutes in order to increase and improve agronomic knowledge and determine best fertilizer protocols that will inure to the benefit of the farmer.

Through this immense collaboration, Yara Ghana with the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) at Nyankpala and Crops Research Institute (CRI) in Kumasi, launch trials on cereals in the northern, middle-belt and southern agro-ecological zones of Ghana every crop season.

Yara Ghana has also recently launched trials with the Oil Palm Research Institute of Ghana (OPRI) in two locations in the Eastern and Western regions on oil palm nutrition.

Yara Ghana also engages major stakeholders in the cocoa sector and supported the country's goal of reaching 1million metric tonne. With the introduction of the "Asaase Wura" cocoa fertilizer and YaraLiva Nitrabor after years of trials at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), many farms have improved their soil fertility status and thus yields and incomes of farmers increased.

Masara N'Arziki Farmer Association

Yara Ghana has also been providing support for smallholder farmers in Maize through The Masara Narziki Farmer Association. "Masara N' Arziki" means "Maize for Prosperity" in the local dialect.

With the vision of supplementing the maize production in Ghana and supporting small holder farmers improve their lot, Masara N' Arziki was conceived through a collaboration between Yara Ghana and Wienco Limited.

The idea is to support and advise maize farmers on best agronomic practises, increase their yields and consequently their profitability.

The program package consists of the provision of fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, insecticides, spraying equipment, innovative farm implements and technical advisory and training services to farmers on credit.

Currently, it is recognized as the biggest maize farmers' association in West Africa. Although it started with a modest membership of 1,500 in the year 2008, the association is currently the largest maize farmers association in West Africa, with registered members of over 10,500 individual farmers in 2013/2014 farming season.

Where our products come from

Yara North America offers a wide range of products that come from a variety of manufacturing facilities. Take a look at some of Yara's production sites.

Porsgrunn, Norway

Porsgrunn is the largest industrial site in Norway. The wholly owned facilities are fully integrated for nitrogen-based products, and have Yara's and Europe's largest installed production capacity for NPK complex fertilizers based on the nitrophosphate route.

Uusikaupunki, Finland

The Uusikaupunki site consists of three nitric acid plants as well as two fertilizer plants producing nitric acid and fertilizers for the Finnish market and for export. The plant has its own deep-water harbor.

Glomfjord, Norway

Glomfjord has four production units: Two nitric acid plants, one NPK complex fertilizer plant and one calcium nitrate plant.

Rostock, Germany

Rostock has two nitric acid plants, two nitrate fertilizer plants, one UAN plant and two plants making several qualities of technical ammonium nitrate.

Sluiskil, Netherlands

The site has been located since 1929 on the Ghent-Terneuzen canal, a major waterway opening through the Western Scheldt into the North Sea and connecting to European waterways. As with many European fertilizer complexes, development of the site was linked to the availability of coke oven gas from a neighboring coke factory.

Brunsbuttel, Germany

Brunsbüttel is located in Germany, on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein at the point where the Kiel Canal and the River Elbe meet the North Sea. This offers direct access to both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The site has two production units, an ammonia plant and a urea plant.

Tertre, Belgium

The Tertre production site consist of several plants that produce nitrogen fertilizers and industrial chemicals.

  • Yara Brunsbuttel - Germany

  • Yara Uusikaupunki - Finland

  • Yara Tertre - Belgium

  • Yara Sluiskil - Netherlands

  • Yara Rostock - Germany

  • Yara Porsgrunn - Norway

  • Yara Glomfjord - Norway

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