ASAASE WURA (The best fertilizer for improved cocoa yields)

ASAASE WURA™ Cocoa fertilizer, contains PK 0-22-18, magnesium and sulphur. Produced locally, it does not only contain the perfect balance of macro nutrients (phosphorus, Potassium), but also all the most important nutrients needed to improve the yield of your cocoa trees.

Yara has developed a fertilizer programme for cocoa in Ghana based on local demonstrations and research with CRIG. Cocoa trees fertilized with the Yara recommendation are healthier and less at risk of black pod disease and any other stress during growth.

For the best results Yara recommends complimenting ASAASE WURA™ with YaraLiva™ NITRABOR™.

Formula : PK 0-22-18 +9 CaO, +7 S, +6 MgO